A Letter to US President Mr.Clinton

By Zhu Fulai and Guo Guiqi
(Parents of Zhu Ying and Xu Xinghu,who were killed by NATO's missiles attacking 
Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.)
Mr. William Jeffferson Clinton
President of the United States of America
White House 
May 11, 1999
Mr. President Clinton,
We are a Chinese couple in our fifties. We were father and mother of  two lovely
daughters and  a son-in-law.But now, in the bombing of NATO led by you against
 the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, our elder daughter Zhu Ying and  son-in-law 
Xu Xinghu were brutally killed by  your missiles. At the sight of their  bloody 
faces and bodies, we wept our hearts out. The agony outreached any rhetoric in 
the  world.
We had a happy  family. We brought up the two beautiful daughters with 
all our hearts and  they loved us very much too. When we took a stroll arm in 
arm in a picturesque park, it was a picture of  a perfect family. How happy we 
were! With her first month salary, our elder daughter  Zhu Ying bought a very 
good shaver for her father and a pretty scarf for her mother. She said to us that 
they were gifts of her love. In 1996, she married Xu Xinghu, a nice and honest 
young man. It seemed that we had a son of our own from then on. When the family 
gathered for dinner , the dinning table was always filled with happy laughter. 
We could imagine when you go out for a walk with your wife and your daughter 
Chelsea, you  must be as happy as we were. But on May 8, the missiles of NATO 
led by you forever tore apart the perfect picture of our family. What we have 
now are only tears in our eyes and their smiles in the frames. Never will they 
be able to show us their joyful faces, never will they be able to give their 
regards to us, and never will they be able to come home alive. At this point, 
we are plunged into such sorrow that we could hardly go on with the letter. 
Only 28 years old was our dear daughter. What did she and her husband ever do to  
harm you? Was it because they were Chinese correspondents who lived in the Chinese 
Embassy? Why had you and NATO led by you bombed the Chinese Enbassy? We all 
thought the Chinese Embassy was the safest place. Who could imagine it was the 
Chinese Embassy that you and your NATO dare to bomb!

Two young people died in your missile attacks. They were deprived of the right 
of life. Only in a blink was our happy family completely broken. Once we had 
all the happiness in the world, and now it's like from heaven to hell. In face 
of such a tragic situation you caused, being a father yourself, and a man who 
always claims to advocate human rights, don't you think you should say something 
to us?Is such a demand too much?

Mr. Clinton, if only you can read this letter! If possible, we would like to 
see it published in an American newspaper. We sincerely hope you can understand 
the fact that like the American people, the Chinese people also hold dearly to 
happy life, and they are too entitled to the right to live. The blood of our 
daughter and son-in-law will not be shed for nothing. Do remember please, the 
Chinese people can never be bullied!

To conclude, we wish you, your wife, and your daughter a happy life.

Zhu Fulai and Guo Guiqi,
Father and mother of Zhu Ying and Xu Xinghu
Beijing, P.R.China



A Letter to US President Mr. Clinton

By Xu Jingrong, Father of Xu Xinghu (Xu Xinghu and his wife Zhu Ying were killed 
by NATO's missiles attacking  Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.)
May 14, 1999
Mr. Clinton,
I am an ordinary Chinese farmer from Jiangsu Province. Had it not been for the 
inhuman missile attacks on May 8  I would never think about writing to you. My 
son Xu Xinghu and daughter-in-law Zhu Ying were killed by your bombs. They both 
are correspondents, bare-handed , having done nothing to harm anybody. To my 
knowledge, throughout history , the envoy of a nation should not be killed in 
whatever situation. But you brutally bombed the embassy of our country and killed 
my only son! How can you even know less than me, a common farmer? I learned from 
someone knowledgeable that the United States is a powerful nation. Can a powerful 
nation disregard common sense and kill at will? I tried hard but can't figure it 
till this day.  

Intelligent, healthy and filial, my son was only 31. He is really my lifeblood! 
My daughter-in-law is kindhearted and lovely. I was waiting for her to give birth 
to my grandson. This wish isn't too much, is it ? How brutal and ruthless you are. 
You deprived me of  all hope and spiritual sustenance, and I demand an answer from 
you --For what reason did the U.S. and NATO bomb the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia? 
For what reason did you kill my son and my daughter-in-law?

Do you know what suffering it is for a hoary-headed old man to lose his son? My 
wife, who is 69 already, can't speak for herself. She repeats the questions all 
day long,"What made the US do this? I want my son home,safe and sound!"  Everybody 
in the village knows I am an unyielding man. I can't take the loss of my only son 
however. My tears is out , only grief and indignation left.

We have a proverb here, "good is rewarded with good , and evil with evil;if the 
reward is not forthcoming, it is because the time has not yet come." My fellow 
villagers want me to tell you that our blood will not be shed for nothing. You 
should give me an answer, you should give Chinese government and all Chinese people 
an answer.

Xu Jingrong
Father of Xu Xinghu

中国人的血不会白流。你得给我一个说法, 你得给我们中国政府和全中国的老百姓一个答复。